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Тenth anniversary of the tournament for the Cup of Russian billiards

Chelyabinsk VIP

Monday, 11/14/2011

Chelyabinsk VIPs competed for the cup on Russian billiards

At the jubilee tenth tournament brought together the heads of large organizations from all over the area. Today they are no ties, and on the agenda - not quite the usual working plan. VIPs, armed with cues for the League Cup on Russian billiards started to compete in the early morning and ended late at night. Athletes - fans of the event waiting impatiently. Today, and the participants and the organizers - a double celebration. The tournament - the tenth, so the anniversary. Valentine Sannikov, director of VIP-league Russian Billiards: "Leaders in fact, they usually do not have time to relax, play pool, and then to gather in one place only the leaders, we are giving the opportunity to socialize, have a good time and play in a great game like billiards. "

Important intelligent men for a pool table become like little children. The spirit of competition broke out in the very first batch. Billiard-goers were not looking for the easy way - carefully thought through strategy and chose rather complex combination. Most managers - are taking part in the championship is not the first time. Meanwhile, the organizers say that every time VIP League gathers more billiard enthusiasts. Igor Shalamov, VIP party on Russian billiards league: "Lovely stay, after working days, meet with friends in an informal setting, to participate in the tournament."

Participants so busy playing that well into the evening did not let the cue from his hands. From pool tables would not leave the fans - closely follow the game. By the way, the organizers of the VIP tournament has two main rules. Up to the pool table VIP league are not allowed professionals. A novice in the first three parties can assist associates with the experience.

Valentine Zhalkina, "Eastern Express"