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Billiards at half-past nine

On Sunday, in the amateur tournament on Russian billiards Chelyabinsk "VIP" figured out who is better able to roll the balls. Gazetachel.ru followed the leaders without ties.

Bosses Chelyabinsk large organizations and their deputies this past Sunday, October 12, gathered in a professional club "Karambol" to play the Cup «VIP-league" Russian billiards. Fourteen teams - two people each - were divided into three groups, of which the output is only one leader. In the finals three teams competed with each other for prizes.

This practice - to carry billiard tournaments among the "VIPs" - appeared in Chelyabinsk, just this year and, according to the organizers of the competition implies the possibility to establish business and no less valuable friendships with people of different companies. The first two events were held in February and April. But, says the project organizer Natalia Nikolaeva, history of sports matches between the VIPs of the city began four years ago with the Cup in futsal.
— We have this idea to make the club with a constant content of members: regular membership dues, meeting more frequently, - commented on Natalia. - But while we exist informally.

When the correspondent Gazetachel.ru going to these competitions Russian billiards, are involuntarily imagine accustomed overspend very men, armed with their cues. But it was more than harmless. Men in jumpers, free shirts and jeans come in a day in a billiard club, in the first place to rest. All the tables are occupied lively conversations players who chase balls each in his own way. It is obvious that all they had to more than once to play pool, so many on the left hand wearing a special black glove on three fingers, many came with their cues. Players - are representatives (mainly directors and their deputies) "Chelyabenergo", "power sales" of the Accounts Chamber of the area, steel and assorted corporations.

Originally it was planned that the event, which began at 12, end at 19. However, the game was delayed for more than 4 hours: passionate leaders fought hard for the prizes.

Game command respect and interest even in non-professional audience. Nearly every table gathered their observers who were applauding after a successful and beautiful "goals." Gazetachel.ru, for example, all the time watched, perhaps, for the most intelligent and serious team "Electro" (as it turned out, the winners of the previous tournament), which consisted of a family duet - Valery Panteleyev, Managing Director of EA "Chelyaenergo" and his son Michael, deputy trade union "power sales." They were quite demanding on himself and opponents carefully thought through its strategy and chose the complex combinations.

"Electro" won first place in their group and advanced to the final, where she had to compete for first place with the "Fortune": Director of "SEC" Renat Safin and his assistant Arkady Harutyunyan, a sort of "factory" team that played "by stoned. "It is for this reason that "Fortune" spared intellectuals "Electro" and won, receiving the cup and 20 000. For second place, "energy" struggled with "Ambush", which consisted of two young amateur pool players: Director of "UralTehnoImpeks" Igor Shalamov and director of "YuzhUralDetal" Vyacheslav Shepelev. The match between "Power" and "Ambush" showed that in billiards is important to enjoy the process and not be too demanding of his companion. Family duo Panteleyev lost, eventually finishing in third place, because its members "overextended" and too serious about the final stage. Valery Panteleyev very emotional reaction to errors son, and courage, which is so necessary in the course of the game, has disappeared.

Olga Ryabukhina