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Spare parts for coil-tubing equipment

Recently the number of coil-tubing machines has increased by 10-15% a year all over the world. It leads to the increase of demand in spare parts and consumables. Having great experience in production our company is ready to collaborate and expand the range of coil-tubing spare parts as well as to modernize and to improve operating characteristic of spare parts and units. We can produce spare parts according to your drawing, draft or sample.

Since the very beginning the Russian oil and gas producing complex has been following the same prevailing strategy – from the developed areas to the new richer ones, which means continuous significant production rise. Unfortunately, nowadays many oilfields reached the last stage of exploitation that attributes to declining production. The exploitation of other fields requires significant investments.

Thus, today one of the main aims of oil and gas producing companies is to extract hydrocarbon material more completely and to reduce the cost of this product. Standard technologies that allow solving this problem have certain limits. Actually these limits have been reached for the most of exploited oil and gas fields in Russia.

One of the most technological methods to open productive layers is coil-tubing. Coil-tubing is based on the usage of clutchless flexible tubes. It becomes widely spread in wells exploitation. Coil-tubing can be particularly efficient for fields of the last exploitation stage and for revitalizing the old reserves of wells.

Spare parts for unit injectors "Stewart&Stiwenson".

Spare parts for unit injectors "HydraRig 2000".

Spare parts for unit injectors "Dreco".

List of spare parts produced for coil-tubing

Designation Drawing number
1. Washover shoe 2004.22.00.003-03
2. Check valve for GNKT with a cartridge 2004.22.00.000 Б
3. Check valve for GNKT with a cartridge 2004.22.00.000 Б
4. Casing 2004.22.00.001 Б
5. Sub for cartridge f28 2004.22.00.002 А
6. Swivel body 36.6151.00.00.052
7. Swivel gooseneck 36.6151.00.00.053
8. Swivel gooseneck 36.6151.00.00.053А
9. Nipple 2005.00.00.119
10. Scaler roller BNKT 2005.00.00.027
11. Swivel stem 2006.00.00.047
12. Swivel stem 36.6151.00.00.042
13. Swivel stem 2006.00.00.048 А
14. Forged tee 2006.00.00.113
15. Stripper conical split bush WО-908537-02
16. Stripper cylindrical split bush R1 313640-03
17. Stripper cylindrical split bush
18. Stripper conical split bush
19. Power-driven roller 2008.00.00.260
20. Pressure slip for an injector 2007.00.00.177
21. Forged tee 2006.00.00183
22. Forged angle №1
23. Forged angle №2
24. Piston shrouding bolt
25. Swivel body 2006.00.00.055
26. Splined bushing 2007.00.00.193
27. Thrust plate 2009.00.00.074
28. Thrust plate 2009.00.00.075
29. Scaler star BNKT 2008.00.00.099
30. Swivel bush 2009.00.00.111
31. Split bush 2007.00.00.160
32. C-washer-2 2007.00.00.162
33. C-washer 2007.00.00.161
34. Stripper conical split bush WO-908537-02А
35. Preventer choke Foley 2009.00.00.060
36. Roller for rolling flexible tube 2009.00.00.120
37. Roller for rolling flexible tube
38. Roller
39. Roller for installing flexible tubes
40. Flange bushing 2007.00.00.158
41. Roller shaft
42. Roller for installing flexible tubes 2008.00.00.298
43. Locking clutch on tongs 52156049
44. Jaw locking clutch on tongs 5410084
45. Tee 2006.00.00.113
46. Tee 2006.00.00.183
47. Measurement hub wheel 2007.00.00.131
48. Roller for installing flexible tubes
49. Tar 2007.114.00.001
50. Stripper insert УС 012.002
51. Shaft