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Cuffs and inserts for pneumatic and hydraulic devices

Cups for pneumatic and hydraulic devices  Inserts for pneumatic and hydraulic devices

Our company can offer you face seals, gaskets reinforced (glands), flange sealing cuffs, wipers, support-guide rings, rubber o-rings, seals, valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic seals, piston seals, rubber and other transitional cuff seal.

Sealing systems and polyurethane cuff successfully replace the tires of different brands, and have properties such as wear resistance, acid resistance, resistance to alkalis, oil and petrol resistance, water resistance (including sinemanskoy), as well as the ability to work at high pressures (up to 1200 atm .) over a wide temperature range (from -60 ° C to +150 ° C).

For every project our specialists will select the desired profile and material, depending on the operating environment (water, emulsion, oil, air, etc.) and the conditions of the seal (temperature, velocity, etc.)

Advantages of polyurethane cuff::

  • eliminate leakage of fluid through the seal (sealing cuff);
  • possess good mechanical memory (restore a form close to the original);
  • cuffs used in technology, operating at high pressures (up to 1000 atm.)

Our company has the technology and equipment, allowing the seal and sleeve diameters up to 610 mm by turning on CNC machines with a diameter up to 1500 mm by means of free casting. The starting material can be used not only polyurethane, but also, on request, rubber, Teflon, nylon and other polymers. The quality of our cuffs are not inferior to the quality of imported sleeves and seals, and their cost is much lower.

Varieties of seals:

  1. Dynamic seals
    • Linear: the piston seals and rod, V-ring, wipers, O-support-guide rings, reinforced cuff (pressure seal printed), mechanical seals
    • Rotational: radial and axial seals, seal rotor
  2. Static seals:
    • Flat and profiled seals
  3. Special profiles
  4. Details of rotation

Seals for pumps (mechanical seal)

The packing box of pumps and compressors are used hydrostatic mechanical seals shafts. Such seals are called packing. The task of the seal - sealing a rotating shaft and retention equipment. Following the operating equipment in harsh environments should use the double mechanical seal shafts.

Seals for hydraulic cylinders

In fixed joints cylinders used sealing rubber O-rings. In movable joints using stem seal and piston (piston seal). To seal the gap between the cylinder and the piston is used collar cuffs (cuffs hydraulic sealing). In order to protect the cylinders from pollution set wipers. To improve the quality of the hydraulic cylinder and extend its service life, it is necessary to use quality sealing collar.

Cuff transition - sealing cuff, used in plumbing as an adapter for sewage pipes.

O-Rings are used to prevent leakage of sealed medium, protection against ingress of dust. O-rings are used in fixed joints cylinders. Support-guide rings used in hydraulic cylinders for centering the moving rod.

Collar Cuff proved their highest efficiency while ensuring reliable sealing cylinders. First of all, because the cuffs Collar can significantly reduce the gap between the piston (rod, plunger) and the cylinder in the hydraulic systems that operate on the principle of reciprocation. This ensures the highest level of waterproofing.

You can also buy our V-ring, valve seal, reinforced cuff of any complexity.

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