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Pipe wipers

Our company offers pipe wipers:

Pipe wiper

Pipe wipers proved their highest efficiency when cleaning out process and the tubing from the well fluids (oil, mud and salt solutions) during the process, and overhauls.

Technical characteristics of pipe wipers

Pipe wiper can be used in a very wide temperature range (-60 to +120 ° C) in the following mediums: oil, gas, fresh water, technical, or produced-Cenomanian, salt solutions, the borehole fluids.

The most important technical and operational characteristics of pipe wipers

Pipe wiper made ??of polyurethane, is very elastic, wear-resistant and durable. Pipe wiper has good mechanical memory, but it has no ozone or chemical aging.

Types of pipes for wipes
NKT GOST 633-80
Nominal size removable Cups , mm
 60, 73, 89, 102
- outside diameter, mm
- thickness, mm
Weight, kg
от 10

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