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Products made from polyurethane

Our company offers to supply the following products:

Polyurethanes are heterogeneous-chain polymers, whose macromolecule contains not substituted and/or substituted urethane group —N(R)—C(O)O—, where R = Н, alkyls, aryl or acyl. Polyurethane macromolecule can also contain simple and ester functional groups, ureal, amide groups and some other functional groups determining a set of these polyurethanes properties. Polyurethanes belong to synthetic elastomers. They are widely used in the industry due to the great range of their strength properties. 

Due to their unique properties, polyurethane systems of gaskets are used as a substitute of rubber in manufacturing products operating in the hostile environment, in the conditions of great alternating loads −60° С to +80° С.

Polyurethanes substitute not only rubber of different producers but also some metals and alloys from them.

Advantages of polyurethane products

  • High elasticity in a wide range of hardness and operating temperatures;
  • High properties of initial distortion;
  • High resistance to abrasion and low friction coefficient;
  • High breaking and tear strength;
  • Good durability at a dynamic load;
  • Properties damping vibration and load impacts;
  • Very high durability against impact of different atmospheric factors;
  • Endurance against impact of technical oils, fats, a number of acids and dissolvers;
  • Don’t pollute elements operating together with them.

Polyurethane products provided by our company will serve you for a long time. Raw material selection and guarantee of the required technological process allow producing inserts and cups with a range of properties and high quality.

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