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Corrective maintenance

Our company offers services in corrective maintenance of wearing (experiencing abrasive wear) parts of industrial equipment, press-rigging by overlaying with the help of flux:

  • Crane wheels (all possible sizes);
  • Shafts, rolls, rollers, plungers (max length – 4500mm);
  • Press mold rings (any size);
  • Other details of cylindrical form;
  • Overlaying by rust-resisting materials.

The technology and welded materials let get hardness (maximum 50 units HRC). Operation life of restored materials isn't less than that of new ones.

Restoration through overlaying by special alloys:

  • Crane and car wheels;
  • Rollers MNLZ and live rolls;
  • Plungers and rods (F 65...F2000 max mass – 3 t);
  • Rolling mill and leveler rolls;
  • Roll sleeve of coke–crushers and rolls for clay fine grinding;
  • Deep holes of small diameters (from 30mm) in hydrau-distribution boxes of presses and pumps;
  • Pump casing for swapping pulp 28Gy-8;
  • Casings of burning pallets of pellet plant;
  • crusher cones "SANDVIK";
  • spare parts made from cast iron, stainless steels, aluminum and copper alloys;
  • end covers of rod and ball mills.

Restoration by the method of electrospark doping of shaft set cup with the deterioration up to 0,5 mm on the diameter without further mechanical processing.

Repairing of EKG-5A excavator shovels, sticks and booms.

Reinforcing by plasma hardening of the surface of:

  • large-module gear teeth;
  • grooves of cable sheaves and rope drums;
  • mill rollers and rollers of straightening machines;
  • rails for cranes and technological transport;
  • crane and car wheels.

Repair welding slag cracks in bowls, beds and cabinets crushers, presses, rolling mills and other bulky items.