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Stripper inserts

Stripper inserts

Using the stripper inserts ensures tightness of flexible tubing, especially when operating wells in the winter, because the material remains elastic seal at -40 ° C.

Seal design ensures easy assembly and dismantling operations, ensuring integrity and availability of the system.

Seal is made of two types of polyurethane with different hardness.

We currently supply the following sizes of inserts:

Description Drawing
1 Stripper inserts Ø 37,5*88*100,5/104,5 UC 012.001
2 Stripper inserts Ø 38,4*102*102/105,5 UC 012.002
3 Stripper inserts Ø 38*140*100 UC 012.004
4 Stripper inserts Ø 44,5*90*102/105 UC 012.005
5 Stripper inserts Ø 44,5*102*102/105 UC 012.006
6 Stripper inserts Ø 44,5*77,8*102/105 UC 012.007
7 Stripper inserts Ø 38,1*77,8*102/105 UC 012.008
8 Stripper inserts Ø 38,1*120,65*101,6/105,5 UC 012.009

Possible to make configuration and size according to your application requirements.

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